Blue Flowers in a Field

Our Approach

In the Early 2000’s we set out on a mission to promote local musicians and to have a webspace for people to come appreciate the diversity in music, and that became

Our Story

Our music was online for approximately 5 years until it was taken down for a several years – Now we hope to keep it up and online for a long time

Meet the Team

Circa 1996-2006 the four of us including many others that came to visit the studio space some 360 recordings

Andy “Drew”


Known for his late night work ethic designing and creating

Jupiter Exploding


A big proponent of music and Guitar – able to spot a chord or key in a jam

Siri Govinda


Sitting in with many others in this site

As the Tides


To the Sea

Andrew “Thaddeus”

Silent Partner

Promoter, Mixer, Artist Known for his ideas in the music industry

Next Steps…

Let’s hope there is a bright future to Music

I look forward to publishing more